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Good luck from lebogang seatlholo Reply Im always seeing them all;whenever i look at the clock,i see mirror image number (…..…etc.) i tried noting them down as they appeared but ended up writting all the hours (from to & from to ) of the clock. the last post before mine was done on Feb “13” 2017 …as reflects on my phone. many times in my life over years i was seeing 1111.. 2 Nukes were set off under the water to destroy the caverns. My son passed away suddenly 2 years ago this May and whenever I see I immediately think of him. I continue to see it, whether it is on the clock or other places. I will pay more attention to where I am and what I am doing, ect. Reply Since my mum died allways I will look at the time in kitchen on my heating thermasta or on sky menu for time or my phone also my daughter who lives with her own family will call and say guess what time it is on all ovations it has been 11.11 it has seriously got to the stage where it has in plan words “freaked ” me out …I have ALLWAYS known it was a sign.yestaday I see something on fb about 11.11/12.12. My brother passed away almost 3 years ago from brain cancer at age 42. Reply Not only have I seen a lot lately , but I was born on 8-18 -62 and I have been seeing a lot too. The numbers thing has been really strange my birthdate is 8/18/1981. Reply I do feel a connection to the numbers 1111, its very spooky and never really understood what it means and why.

This has been happening for almost 10 yrs now and recently iv started seeing number 13 everywhere, TV,my cell phone and even people speaking the number. recently i was seeing couples of times 1111, but this time what i heard from you its going to be definitly on my mind next time i see it, 1111… Keep a record of all of this and see if this gives me more insite on why I continue seeing it. lol I haven’t asked my Chief, but definitely will after reading this. Ect as busy at time I knew I had to read later further into this but could not find it. I started a job a year ago, and I started to notice that the calculator under my computer monitor would have numbers on it when I come to work in the morning. I have been logging the numbers since January 24th. I also have experienced my tv shutting off randomly and one time my garage door opened by itself! I see everywhere everyday along with the same numbers. As I look back in reflection and doing some research on the numbers I can finally begin to come to grips with the reasoning behind the 1111.

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My dad is battling Leukemia right now and I just lost Liv, my blind and immobile french bulldog who I loved more than anything.

Working with search n rescue to bring closure to family’s. It seems like every time I look at the clock it’s . Your story breaks my heart and shines some light on things as well.

She was so beautiful and on her way to a great life before this tragic accident took her life. ” All three of these victims died because of a man who served our country had become homicidal and suicidal and did not get what he wanted out of life and took 3 lives and almost took another and many others could of died as well.

I am finding peace with it now and now knowing what these numbers mean, its making more sense to me. I thanked God that night for my family and for my Grandchildren, and In laws a few hours before the shooting, that He would hold them close, protect them, keep them safe, and my family would grow and mature and continue to love and serve Him.

Other times when I am idling,procrastinating and consumed with self-doubt, it feels intrusive as if someone is watching me wasting my time away.

There are times that I wish it would go away or else …or just let me know clearly what its intentions are. What if it gets “tired” of my inability to see its true gift and invest its power and magic in a person more deserving, more attuned?

Maybe these continual numbers also serve to remind me that all is not lost. Reply I see 1111 all the time in the beginning I didn’t notice or really pay much attention until I remembered my best friend whom past away more than20 years ago her bday was November 11!

My physical issues are just temporary “roadblocks” and that nothing can get in the way of my life purpose. 1111 means a lot to me every time I see 1111 I say make a wish close my eyes breathe in relax and smile I tell ppl whomever is around to make a wish but I don’t my wish already came true just knowing and feeling the presents of my bff in heaven watching over me and to remind me to stay positive do what makes me happy. I truly believe in angels I can sometimes feel their presence I get goosebumps and other things kinda hard to explain. I believe New York will be Nuked with 2 nukes this year at this time.

Learn about the one found/lost words of Jesus Christ. I prayed many short direct prayers with each I needed to use Yahveh. I finished, walked out of room, but my eyes meet first & directly on the microwave time. I have done a lot of work with some wonderful women mentors on the ascension process in Sydney Australia. In the beggining I didn’t know why is this happening but now I know it’s a sign of angels’s reassurance that either I’m on the right path,doing something that is in alignement or that I need to change what I’m doing in the moment. Reply I have been seeing , continously for these past few months, now it has increased from just once to almost daily and sometimes twice to 3x a day. I had just realized the stone was marked with the wrong birthday. Reply I am from India and frankly speaking i dont know how I jump on this page today but I have always notice this time and that to i am experiencing this particular time when i was 14 and today I am 25 and still seeing this particular time i dont knw how but suddenly i check mobile its shows 11 11 i always have intution that what does this mean then i slightly started worrying that may be i will die at this particular time and many more so when i see this time i talk to myself that everything will be ok or sumtime i just start wishing for something but after ready post I am sure there is something strong connection may be any indication of previous lyf i dont knw wht but i am not the only one to bump on same time again and again thats 11 11 Reply I see repetative numbers so frequently, my kids think it’s obnixous. These things only started recently, over the past few years, ever since my birthday fell on Easter. You see, I had an Akashic records reading nearly two years ago when I was receiving lots of mental “downloads” at the time. I haven’t seen 11’s anymore until my grandson was born last week, 11-11-16 time pm.

I just saw that 1111 was very special, didn’t get to look it up & forgot about it day or two ago. My Higher Self and Angels are always with me but due to a huge move from one end of Australia to another I have been under some stress and by the number of times I see these numbers they are telling me they are there for me as always. I love that I always know I am never alone and they will always be there for me. And with this i have started seeing some new numbers as well like , , . Reply Hello Thank you for your amazing information I often see or , I even see the number 11 behind the shirt or the hat The voice that I send to my friend through the telegram is also 11s It was so interesting to me that the number 11 had a message for me For that, I started searching If you have any other information about 11, please email me Thank you Reply I had a friend send me here. I’ve never believed in that which you can’t see, smell, hear, touch or taste, so this is all kind of freaking me out a bit. The reading confirmed my life purpose, something I always felt in my heart I “should” be doing. Reply I have be seen almost all the special combination of numbers for quite some years now. It went up to the extent of me noticing it on 11/11/2011 at pm.

It may also be a lesson in having faith in my purpose and telling me that it will all work out. Thank you for your information and for sharing your insights and resources with us. But 1111 are the numbers I see all the time Reply I have experienced this 20 or more times a month. I believed that something would happen on the 11th hour and the 11 minute. After that month passed I thought perhaps Nov 11th on the 11th hour and the 11th minute. I am convinced it represents the signing of the end of World War one and the beginning of War in November 2016 at the 11th hour and the 11 minute in U. It will happen for sure to New York but maybe not at this date or time.