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I was about to announce my presence when I thought I heard her say something about ‘licking pussy’.For a moment I thought I heard wrong so I stayed put and listened closer but was shocked at what I heard“Let’s go lover boy, I don’t have as much time as usual, gotta get back to the house”She sat on a bale of hay and leaned back onto one elbow as she spread her legs.I slowly peered around the corner of the stable and saw jenny talking to one of the farm dogs, a Border collie named Conan.He was an energetic, fit, playful dog and was licking her face while she spoke to him.She then pulled her skirt up, exposed her pussy to dog and smiled at him“Here boy, have at it”Dog went forward and started licking her pussy.

I was stunned, I just stood there in silence, watching, making sure Jenny couldn’t see me.

We spent some time remembering and discussing uncle Frank until Jenny decided to go to bed.

After Jenny left the room, my aunt told us that she was a bit concerned about Jenny as she had become a bit withdrawn and wasn’t interested in going out with her friends or boys and pretty much kept to herself lately.

At about , Jenny returned“Hey Jen, where’d you go for so long? I take a walk every morning and lose track of time.

I’ll make sure not to take so long tomorrow”For the rest of the day we enjoyed each other’s company and spoke for hours.

I decided to follow her the next morning to see where she went every day and maybe try to understand what she was going through.