Updating mingw er sucht sie Remscheid

There are also some big software list updates across a number of systems.

Of course, there are plenty more improvements you can read about in the file, and as always, you can get the source or Windows binaries from the download page.

You can track progress on this issue at MAME Testers.

The Agat-7 floppy drive emulation has been improved to the point where it’s considered working, and the internal HP-9845 printer is now supported.

If you’re at all interested in the FM Towns, you to give this release a try, as r09 has made numerous improvements to sprites and scrolling, and greatly improved keyboard behaviour.

Once you have Git installed you will have Git Bash, which uses Min TTY, and is a pretty nice terminal that works well with msys. You need to set up your %HOMEPATH% and related dotfiles to really start customizing it to look and feel the way you want.

Check out my Github home dir to see an example of how I set mine up. Added empty C:\msys\mingw folder so that /mingw is visible to filesystem search utilities.

We’ve added support for a whole lot of Tiger handhelds based on licensed IP in this release, including the unmissable MC Hammer, Batman Forever, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Robocop 2.

We’ve also added some of Tiger’s handheld renditions of popular games from other platforms, like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, Battletoads, and Space Harrier II.has nice info about Min GW and Min GW-W64, including info RE threading and exception models, pros/cons of each, etc. Aug.16 - Removed instructions for installing old school mintty; I now suggest using Git for Windows since their mintty is much newer/nicer. MAME's purpose is to preserve decades of software history.First of all, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way.We’ve switched to GCC 7 for Windows binaries, and started requiring SSE 2 (Pentium 4, Opteron, Athlon 64, or equivalent) for 32-bit Windows binaries.This means that when you compile things from Min GW you must ensure that you choose the win32 thread options or you'll likely have problems compiling. Confirmed that updating the toolchain is not necessary, at least for v5.1.0 and removed that part of the instructions.