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Kylie has been making a name for herself, or so she thinks. It's a fact that Kylie is spending an exorbitant amount of time with men.

No, she's not modeling like her sis, Kendall Jenner, but she's tracing the path of Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately, her time with the likes of Lil Za and Jaden Smith (guys in her age group) are usually short. No, not just slightly older, we're talking The Game, Tyga, Chris Brown and more regarding her juvenile status.

We promise we will have more chilling famous relationships and we will save all of the hair-raising details just for you. Celebrity News Category: Dating Celebrities Celebrity Affairs Married Celebrities Celebrity Breakups Reconciled Celebrities Filed for Divorce Celebrities Celebrity News, Gossip, & Rumors Separated Celebrities Happy Birthday to Kylie Jenner as we heard she had a blast hosted by Tyga! Kylie Jenner is making a habit of hanging out with lots of guys.

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He mentioned during his hateful spew that they "tried it" when they decided to discuss his dear Karrueche and he simply did not appreciate it. The conversation was generally speaking of anyone who may 'possibly' be in a bad relationship. So this isn't an apology for yesterday." As Karrueche Tran has been verbal and tearful about her relationship with Chris publicly and openly, there are hoards of folks who literally feel her pain and understand where she stands.Many think Chris severely overreacted and Adrienne, who has had her own struggles with relationship dramatics, also thought his words and strong feelings were fruitless: Adrienne Bailon: "Who said anything bad about her? She seems to love Chris, but doesn't love the overwhelming uncertainty about their relationship.He is a guy with fascinating style, fabulous musical stamina and a force of dance skills that anyone can admire. If you have the heart for this, come on in and check out these haunting relationships or you can just run for the hills!We're still confused on some of these because we do want people to be happy.It appears greatly that he doesn't like anyone even discussing his romantic relationships unless he is chiming in about them online or in the mainstream media.

We just hope that after our talk, Chris who recently received great reviews from his anger management program, does not throw a chair through our proverbial window.

They essentially said that this relationship was an on/off one where Karrueche was admittedly struggling, at least at times.

The hosts also mentioned that her friends, who should have her back in helping her find true love, possibly benefit from the famous relationship.

Sometimes people have relationship problems and sometimes relationships appear to be perfect.

Anyway you slice it, they are all relationships that others, like us, tend to discuss.

You really should be paying more attention to your baby child who is hanging out with grown men who happen to be drinking, drugging and wilding rappers!