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It's not particularly stylish, clad in that sort of nondescript gray that too many electronics end up in.

You'd use your smartphone to take a serious of pictures, capturing as much of the world around you as you good before the phone would stitch it all together.(Pros can and still do stitch together shots from SLRs, but that almost seems like cheating.) But Photospheres are as tedious as they are fun.Or you can just shoot using the camera itself, but that means you'll always end up in the picture.The app itself is as simple as it is full-featured.We've been using LG's 360 CAM for a week or so now. Along with some other goodies, LG sent us this 360 CAM for review. S., but it is up for preorder at retailers like B&H for 9. In fact, you don't even need a phone to get the basic experience.

We've used 360 CAM with an LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 6P and with other phones — including the i Phone. LG's 360 CAM looks about how you think an LG-manufactured 360-degree camera would look.You've got the camera mode, with options to shoot still frames and video. You can choose which of the two lenses you're seeing the preview from. And you've got options for resolution and file size.(I'm not entirely sure why that matters in 360 degrees.) You've got auto mode — which is what I've left it in most of the time — or full manual controls, with which you can control things like ISO and shutter speed and white balance. Posted by Android Central on Thursday, April 7, 2016 A 360-degree video from Times Square, as uploaded to and embedded from Facebook. You can choose to record audio either in 5.1 surround sound, or in two-channel. And in 180-degree mode, you have three options for how wide you want the single lens to see (up to 180 degrees).The CAM 360 Manager app also has a built-in gallery.You can view images and videos that are on the 360 CAM, or that you've downloaded to your phone. It's also where we run into our first major headache. If you're previewing a picture and scroll through to a video and try to share it immediately, it'll throw an error saying you need to download the file first.As such, you can pair it in LG's Friends Manager app on the G5, which in turn will prompt you to download the 360 CAM app. The 360 CAM app is available in Google Play for a world of other phones, and we've used it with a bunch of them so far.