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The level pots on this 909 is slightly noisy/scratchy and will eventually need replacement soon, so i thought why not do it now....Also, i think they're slightly looser than the original pots, after reassembling the cover and the knob caps, the original pots are tight but the new pots you can feel the actual pot stick wiggle slightly (not a lot tho).

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What happened was, I went back to Hong Kong and started working part-time in a friend's studio, and James Lui was an old school-mate of this friend, and he was just coming back from Australia and believe it or not, he was also doing music and had some equipment to sell.

I think he wanted to sell the 909 and buy a Roland R8M, and i bought it off him for HK00 (that's about This 2nd 909 came to me thru a sales guy from Tom Lee Music (music store in Hong Kong) in around 1995/1996. As I've got my 1st 909 at home in Hong Kong, this was supposed to be the one i take outside of my home (e.g. But soon after i got it, a musician friend (Pat Lui, Taichi Band/also chorus singer) asked if he could borrow it.

Low End Theory is an influential, world-renowned Los Angeles nightclub that pushes the boundaries of experimental music.

In celebration of 808 Day, they will be hosting the Low End Theory Festival 2015, an annual event now in its second year.

That’s right, you could be the owner of Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909 drum machine.

All you have to do is win an online auction for it.Apparently, some other known/named musician (can't remember who, might be Alan Tsui) wanted to sell off some old gears, which include a 808 and a 909. He wasn't at a very good stage at the time as his ex-girlfriend was getting married...and he planned to go to Tokyo and make some chill-out stuff with a Japanese musician friend (Hideki).It can be stopped tho, by pressing the softer button trigger for the LT.(Late Dec 2003): Got myself a set of those "Exact Drop-in Replacement Pots" for all the Level Pots.circuit with a dedicated filter and envelope curve.