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And interviews are typically the main way to determine who gets a job offer. Most companies have set hiring guidelines which include: From plenty of personal experience, these procedures take months to a year to complete, which drains hiring managers and committee members of time and energy.

And committee members have other responsibilities to complete if they want to keep their own jobs! To further complicate things, hiring managers don’t have time to read Linked In pages.

Given the time crunch involved, hiring managers and committee members try to get through résumés as quickly as possible so they can get to the interview stage. In fact, many businesses enforce policies that forbid hiring managers and committee members from considering anything other than the résumé and cover letter submitted by an applicant.

Most students and professionals CRINGE at the thought of writing a résumé.

It’s almost as if people believe they’re doomed to a life of bad jobs if they don’t get their résumé perfect! Part of the problem is that most students (and established professionals) remain unclear about what a résumé is, what purpose résumés serve, and what are the most important rules to adhere to when creating a résumé (and which ‘rules’ should be ignored).

Linked In), a résumé serves as a way for a job seeker to market her/his skill sets to employers.

Think of a résumé as an introduction to employers that asks them to consider you for a position at their company.

As you can probably imagine, there are an endless amount of design elements that job seekers can choose from.

For the record, résumé-weight paper that is either white or off-white is pretty much the standard for printed résumés.

Your résumé desperately needs to captivate its readers, convincing them they would be foolish (and negligent) not to completely read the entire document! Here’s an example: If you apply for a job seeking applicants with expertise “in editing using Chicago style,” then you should make certain to highlight your experience in the past editing manuscripts utilizing Chicago-style editing procedures.

You should also highlight accomplishments you attained while using the Chicago style: “I revamped editing procedures to specifically utilize Chicago style in all company editing processes.” That’s how you stand out!

Hence, the résumé becomes the key to getting to the interview stage, and your résumé needs to grab a reader’s attention quickly! That’s how you stand out from a crowd of applicants for a position!