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Walking over to my closet, I opened the door and grabbed a handful of ties, then led her over to my bed, where I released her wrist and, my voice thickened by my intensely potent lust, told her, “Get your little ass up on the bed and lay down in the center, on your back, I crawled upon the massive four-poster bed, and straddled her, not putting all my weight on her, but just enough to hold her in-place!I grabbed her right wrist and tied a tie to it, then tied that one to another. ” she was pleading with me, but it had no affect whatsoever on my determination to make her my fuck slave; to use my very own little girl to satisfy the fiery-burning lust that had finally raged out-of-control.

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My daughter Jo Jo had been driving me crazy all summer long.

Her attire (at least in public) did managed to cover the important parts of her ripe young body, but at home… Very seldom was she wearing any kind of decent pants; instead, she chose to wear thong bikini bottoms, and little teaser-tops that always exposed at least a half-inch of the bottom swells of her perky young titties.

Leaning over her slightly, and p Jo Jong my left hand on the bed, my arm straight and stiffened, I grabbed my aching prick with my right, and moved the bulbous crown to the entrance of her untouched little pussy“I’m already too-far-gone to stop now, Lac; you should have considered this before you decided to prance around here all-but-naked for the whole fucking summer! It seemed to take forever to get my steely hardness inside her, and with almost 7” inside her, the swollen crown butted-u against what I knew HAD to be her cervix. I’d found the ultimate sex partner in my very own little daughter.

” I told her, and then thrust as-hard-as I could, punching violently past her cherry and into her virginal tightness.“EEEEEYYYYYIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEAAAAAIIIIIIIIII…” her scream of agonized torture resounded through the house. Jo Jo was screaming and thrashing around, at least to the extent that her bonds would allow. I was already looking forward to our next fuck, as I felt sleep coming upon me.

I turned the camcorder on and moved back around to the foot of the bed, and up between my little girl’s splayed legs! She could only scream hoarsely as the pleasure took into a new dimension; a dimension of raw, unadulterated rapture that she couldn’t control!

What a scrumptious sight he little virgin pussy was! She was lost in a world where delightful ecstasy that encircled and consumed her whole being! Gathering every single bit of power I could muster, I drew-back one last time, and then with everything within me, I thrust forward, punching through her cervix, the head of my cock now fully within her young womb as the first jetting gush of cum traveled through the length of my cock to explode-forth within her womb, bathing it and painting its walls with is molten heat.“Arrrrrrggghhhhhnnnnnnggggnnnnn…” I bellowed as I came harder that I ever had in my life!Every single day I’ve been jacking-off, trying to control my lust for you, but it just isn’t working anymore. ’ You’re going to learn that your little body is a powerful weapon, a weapon that can drive a man insane with lust! I sat there a moment and stared at the perky little twin mounds, then reached-down to cup them, amazed by their firmness.“Nnnno-ooooooo…” Jo Jo sobbed as I began caressing them, squeezing them gently and tweaking her little nipples, totally amazed as they stiffened and grew, soon the size of pencil erasers and almost ¾” long.That can drive even you very own Daddy to doing what I’m about to do to you! I finally released them and moved back to the foot of the bed, making quick work untying the thong bottoms, removing them and baring the main object of my powerfully driven lust: her little virgin pussy! “I’m going to fuck your tight little virgin pussy and make you a woman!She was definitely still a virgin as proven by the sight of her milky-white hymen at the entrance to her young little cunt. ” She sobbed as her eyes locked onto my cock, my hand now slowly stroking it, teasing it, as I drank-in her extremely intoxicating, youthful sexuality; VIRGINAL sexuality; but no for much longer! If you keep begging me not to do this, I’ll get a pair of socks and put them in your mouth and hold them there with another tie! I’m going to make you my fuck slave, Jo Jo, and there’s not one-fucking-thing you can do to stop me, so shut-the-fuck-up and accept it!Shortly I was going to thrust my big cock through that little ‘cherry’ and deep inside her young belly! ”Her head was moving back-and-forth, but she quit begging.Raising up and reaching over her, I grabbed the two pillows to either side of her head and, reaching under her to raise her little ass, I slipped them under the small of her back, and then let her down. I didn’t attempt t pull-back, I just thrust deeper inside her. I thought I too was going to pass-out, but I avoided it. I was amazed, as you might well imagine by the violence of our coupling and orgasmic completion.