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ISIS separated Yazidi females from the men in Sinjar, bringing the women and girls into Raqqa.'They took us like sheep.

'I was surprised to see a military force for protecting Shankal, so I decided to join the units and take revenge.'I am carrying this weapon to take revenge from Abu Hassan, Abu Yusuf and Abu Sa'ad, who tortured me and tortured many mothers.Her thirst for revenge is mirrored by other Yazidi women who have signed up to fight the jihadists - in both Iraq and Syria.Heza revealed she was trafficked into the caliphate's 'capital' Raqqa as a sex slave but managed to escape.Over the course of her 10-month captivity in Raqqa, Heza was bought by five different ISIS fighters.

Her voice strained but her brown eyes still sharp, the young fighter says she prefers not to detail the abuses she suffered.The women were sold and traded across the jihadists' self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq.Around 3,000 are believed to remain in captivity, including one of Heza's sisters.'When the Yazidi genocide happened, Daesh snatched up the women and girls.Now she is back to avenge the horrors she and thousands of others suffered.Heza said battling ISIS in its Syrian bastion has helped relieve some of her trauma.'When I started fighting, I lifted some of the worries from my heart,' she said, surrounded by fellow Yazidi militia women in Raqqa's eastern Al-Meshleb district.'But it will be full of revenge until all the women are freed.'She was among thousands of women and girls from the Kurdish-speaking Yazidi minority taken hostage by ISIS as it swept into Iraq's Sinjar region in August 2014.When they heard about ISIS's infamous sweep into Sinjar in 2014, they were outraged.