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Its Impact Jax division focuses on young professionals, though all ages are welcome.

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These programs are mainly for married couples, however, Adventist singles can still learn a lot from them.

Even though they are geared for married couples, it is still very important for singlemen and women to learn about marriage before they date or wed.

Students of all ages head back to school for all sorts of reasons: to finish that degree they got started on and got sidetracked; to boost their career competitiveness; or just to broaden their horizons.

Local colleges offer hundreds of credit and non-credit curriculums from poetry to politics.

Take a step out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill. Throw some clay, blow some glass or sling some paint with Jacksonville University's Art for Art's Sake program, a non-credit continuing education program for all ages and experience levels. Learn a new language with Florida Community College at Jacksonville's Open Campus Continuing Education program.

Spanish, French and Italian courses are favorites - and you just might find yourself speaking the language of love with an attractive classmate. Publix Apron's Cooking School offers classes on dozens of cooking techniques, plus wine and food pairings and special courses with visiting celebrity chefs. Isaiah Meders, owner of Pharcyde Dance Center in Jacksonville's Arlington neighborhood says many of his classmates have coupled up after meeting in his classes.

Also, reputable matchmakers conduct criminal background checks on clients, helping to ensure your safety.

Though there are never any written-in-stone guarantees, the difference between a professional matchmaker and your average online dating search is like the difference between an educated guess and a crapshoot.

Broadcast TV stations (UHF and VHF) that carry 3ABN. These forty programs help couples improve their marriages.

Marriage Matters A good Seventh-day Adventist program is Marriage Matters by Harvey and Kathy Corwin.

That's because thousands of singles have come to realize the the sometimes frustrating foibles of self-managed searches for love.