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Mount Sinai Hospital was incorporated as the Jews' Hospital in New York on January 14, 1852 for "benevolent, charitable, and scientific purposes." Founders of the Jews' Hospital included philanthropist Sampson Simson and Jacques Judah Lyons.The Hospital's first building was a four-story building with 45 beds located at 138 West 28th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in Manhattan. During the American Civil War, the Hospital opened its wards to Union soldiers and extra beds and personnel were added to accommodate the war patients.Included in the collection are annual reports, clippings, minutes, invitations, pamphlets, programs, publications.

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The new hospital building was dedicated on March 15, 1904.

In the first half of the 20th century, the Hospital added many new departments and services including the Department of Dietetics (1905), the Social Service Department (1906), the Otological Service (1909), the Dental Department (1910), the Physical Therapy Department (1910), the Psychiatry Clinic (1920), the Occupational Therapy Department (1924), the Metabolism Clinic (1924), and the Neurosurgical Service (1932).

During the 1870s, the Hospital established an Outdoor Dispensary with four divisions: Medical, Surgical, Gynecological, and Children's.

It also established inpatient Medical and Surgical Services, an inpatient Gynecological Department, an inpatient Children's Department, and an Eye and Ear Service.

Following the Civil War, in 1866, the name of the hospital was changed to Mount Sinai Hospital to reflect its mission to serve its community regardless of race or religion.

As immigration to New York City increased in the second half of the 19th century, hospital services also increased.

Needing more space and bed capacity, the Hospital moved to a new building in 1871.

The new hospital had 120 beds and was located on Lexington Avenue, extending from 66th to 67th Streets.

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