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If that decision has already been taken, any amount of pretend-dating doesn’t count. Convince your parents of your love marriage citing crucial mutual emotional needs: Different people have different emotional needs from their partners.It takes some time to gauge whether a person’s emotional needs are going to be satisfied by another person.Don’t forget to also throw in a few examples of people you know whose marriages were arranged and have turned out to be unhappy. Convince your parents of your love marriage on the basis of compatibility: Explain to your parents the importance of mutual compatibility and understanding in a marriage, which essentially needs to be gauged (to the extent possible) before taking the final decision.;) Cite these isntances, stating how being in a relationship with someone for some time before marriage is essential to judging mutual compatibility and consequently, to creating a better chance for having a happy life together. Compatibility goes much beyond castes, horoscopes, food habits, family background and financial capability.Soon after the marriage it became apparent that if he were chalk, she would be cheese. Along with all the usual challenges of convincing your parents of a love marriage to the girl/guy of your choice, this once comes with its own set of hurdles – like age old traditions, strong stereotypes held by many people, and above all, your parents’ fear of social ostracism should they allow you to marry someone from a different caste (particularly, a so-called “lower” one). Here are some tips and strategies thousands have benefited from, which you can also use to cope with the situation: 5 Tips to Handle Intercaste Relationships. Have you ever tried to convince your parents of your love marriage to your boyfriend/girlfriend? I’m eagerly waiting to read about your experiences in the comments section.

No wonder she totally changed as a person, shut herself up emotionally and is living in a mental prison ever since. But what if your parents are stubborn and just won’t give in to your tricks and strategies? In an arranged marriage context, there’s no way of knowing this, since the degree of emotional closeness that is required before someone can find out whether the other satisfies their needs or not, is impossible to attain before such a marriage.You need to make them see this in order to convince your parents of your love marriage.Coach your girlfriend/boyfriend accordingly before this meeting (Disclaimer: I’m not talking about putting up a fake face to your parents.I’m only emphasizing that they need to put their best feet forward when they meet them).At the end of the day your parents want your happiness.