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Cross MAC Demo v1.0 (This is a demo version and as such it is read only version of Cross MAC).

Cyber WB-End (Is an external Video driver for the Macintosh emulator Shape Shifter).

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Sim Disk (By Eelko de Vos - First there was und64 now there is Sim Disk.This little program will be transformed into a library which can be used as a 1541 diskdrive simulator. D64 (Is a program to convert C64 programs from datasette to Amiga file format for use with the A64Package etc). S (frodo is a multitasking freeware c64 emulator for the Amiga.C LEADER BOARD £4.99 STACK UP £1.99 ARNIE £2.99 NINJA WAR RIORS £2.99 BUBA & ST1X £2.99 HEIMDALL £2.99 STUNT CAR RACER £4,99 RICK DANGEROUS 1 or 2 £4.99 BATTLE CHESS £7.99 STRIP POKER 2 £7.99 SYNDICATE £11.99 WORLD OF WAR £12.99 PLAYER MANAGER 2 £11.99 WHITEDEATH £7.99 WATCH TOWER £12.99 HEIMDALL 2 £12.99 CORKER COLL. Easy 1541 v1.1.1 (Is designed to provide EASY access to the Commodore 1541 drive (and compatibles) to manage old 5.£14.99 CLUB FOOTBALL £8.99 CLOCKWISE £9.99 APPROACH TRAINER £18.99 BLITZKREIG £7.99 SABRE TEAM V £3.00 WEMBLEY SUPER LEAGUE MAN £8.99 G. ROBOTS £7.99 VITAL LIGHT £7.99 DISKS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS PERIPHERALS JOYSTICKS MULTIMEDIA & UPGRADES SPEAKERS & MISCELLANEOUS MEMORY (Ring for postage costs) 100MB ZIP CARTRIDGES £11.99 X5 100MB ZIP CARTRIDGES ..£49.99 BOX OF 10 HD DISKS £3.99 10 X BULK DSDD FLOPPY DISKS .£3.49 30 X BULK DSDD FLOPPY DISKS .£9.99 50 X BULK DSDD FLOPPY DISKS ......£14.99 100 X BULK DSDD a OPPY DISKS £26.99 PLEASE RING FOR POSTAGE & PACKING 5000 M. 25" disks formatted using standard CBM DOS 2.6 filesystem.D HOURSE RACING £4.99 BLITZKRIEG £7.99 WEMBt EY LURE OF THE T. Top Into the whole new world of this versatile communcatlons programs. Pitvftf ft* i stef fc 1W - fwrnte fiver ’ (Over 18 only- orders via eredi! The CBM 1541 floppy drive has been the standard disk drive for the C64 computer serie).

TRESS £11.99 SPACE HULK £11.99 LEGENDS £12.99 RISKY WOODS £11.99 LEGENDS £17.99 WEMBLEY INT SOCCER £12.99 SUPER SKJD MARKS £12.99 SUPER SIDMARKS DATA DISK £6.99 SUPER SKID MARKS £7.99 CASTLES £7.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 £27.99 STRIP POT £7.99 MICROPROSE SOCCER £4.99 W. UNT64 (By Alan Ingleby - is a very small program that will convert the c64s .t64 tape images into a format that allows them to be used in the A64 package on the Amiga.A V2019 - TEXT ENGINE v3.0 Allows you to make your every own letters and documents then print or store then oh disc. Astro_22 as released is a starter program which accu- | rately calculates the position of the planets, cusps and ! I intend to I increase the usefulness of the program to eventually j cover all aspects of the subject which will appeai to pro-; fessional as well as novice astrologers not wishing to : pav 200 for a decent package.Updated version A V0489 - AMIBASE PRO II This is the latest database program which is an update V0827 - REPAIR IT V2.01 & GRAPHIC An essential set of tools for recovery.| PGA EUROPEAN GOLF § SPECIAL OFFER JAN 97: O g The top amlga golf § games makes It Into our special offer num- her 2. U'h'*«0'WW wiwwj CAPITAL PUNISHMENT £24.99 F1178 £9.99 IMPOSSABLE MISSION £9.99 DOG FIGHT £9.99 FIELDS OF GLORY £14.99 S. Also comes with an extensive library of maths a Only £9.99 inc Retains all of the power of Its predecessor, presented via a greatly Improved user Interface.SOCCER 96 97 £18.99 SLAM TILT £17.99 CONOLISATION £14.99 SPECIAL CORKERS COLLECTION £12.99 SPEED BALL £4.99 KRUSTY'S FUN HOUSE £9.99 ZEE WOLF 2 £4.99 FEARS £8.99 FOOLS ERRAND £4.99 XTREME RACING DATA £5.99 XTREME RACING £8.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 DAILY. A500 DUST COVER A600 DUST COVER A1200 DUST COVER..... The programs workbench 2 3 styling Is a pleasure to use, even on AGA, A500 600, older 1.2 1 3 Amlgas. ODYSSEY £8.99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS £8.99 AGA, A500 600, AGA, A5D0 60Q, functions etc, AGA, A5G0 600, AGA, A500 600, Writ? tarken kin sc] C64 Graphics Format Converter Package v1.2 (converts ppm, fli and koala graphics files from c64 to amiga of amiga to c64. Copy 1581F File Reader (By Kerry Gray - This program will read and copy the contents of a disk written with CBM 1581 drive) FS1541 v0.5 (Is a full-blown Amiga DOS file system, which processes the CBM 1541 disk format.G W CLASS CRICKET £8.99 BLACK CRYPT £11.00 WEMBLEY RUGBY COACH £8.99 RUGBY LEAGUE COACH £8.99 TOTAL CARNAGE £1.99 WORLD CLASS RUGBY £4.99 GRAHAM GOOCH 2ND £4.99 BATTLE FOR THE ASHES £4.99 IMPACH £4.99 TURBO TRAX £4.99 RISE. Sim Disk (By Eelko de Vos - First there was und64 now there is Sim Disk.