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Now, almost everyone in Belize has a close friend or family member who died due to drug related violence.The next morning I ate breakfast next to the hotel and listened to two guys talk about the crime.He attributes the crime due to drugs and the fact that the US extradited any foreigner convicted of a drug crime.

Their story is one that has captured the fascination and curiosity of people throughout the ages – were they sent to the holy land in Jerusalem to protect Christians on pilgrimages, or were they sent there on secret missions by higher authorities in order to unearth lost artifacts and buried treasure under temples and sacred holy sites?

The Knights Templars were members of a religious military order of Christian knighthood founded around 1118-1119 in Jerusalem by the French knight Hugh des Payens.

Working in tourism, I think he provides a really balanced view of the country and can provide really great recommendations. Yet, I would tell tourists to spend little time in Belize City.

Belize has many beautiful things to offer, it’s best to move onto other cities.

Belize the country is a beautiful place with safe tourism; however, I continue to recommend avoiding Belize City and taking the advice I did not.

Belize City crime is rampant and Belize City is dangerous. But in the world there are only a handful of things I know to be true, and this is one of them.

There had been nearly 30 shooting deaths in 3 months.

I finished breakfast and bought the first ticket to Caye Caulker.

They all have the same rehearsed response “it’s the same as any big city,” But then they follow up with, “just stay on the main streets, don’t wear jewelry or carry all your money on you.” So I picked up some dinner and beer and decided it would be a night in. I met a couple from Saskatoon who were on their way back home.

On the way I saw a guy in a van screaming at two street dudes that he “wanted his fucking money” Then I passed by three guys sitting in a two-seat tinted Mercedes with California plates. They told me not to go out at night without a group, and even then to make sure to take a taxi even a block or two.

I left feeling somewhat guilty as I hate to say that people shouldn’t visit a city; but this is one you can definitely miss.