Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione dating

He now knew he had a live, honest-to-goodness, godfather -- someone who cared for him and wanted Harry to live with him.

Yet, even though he was now fourteen, he was not allowed to decide where he was to live.

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He thought it was pretty nice for the Puffs to get some recognition and Cedric seemed like a nice enough person, from what little Harry knew about the seventh year.

After all, Cedric was a Seeker, so he could not be too bad.

That choice of words caused a smile to come to him.

He wondered if the reason the poltergeist at school was the way he was, was because he had been peeved so many times that he had finally gone over the edge.

H/GHP: The Un-Champion Pre-Oot PA/UPGWhat if Harry's rebelliousness started a year earlier, because Dumbledore wouldn't let him go stay with Sirius in the summers?

A/N: This plot bunny came to find me and wanted to be a one-shot.""Your name on the paper in your own hand indicates your willingness," Dumbledore told him with what sounded like a tired voice."I'm sorry, Harry, but you will have to participate in the Tournament."Bagman brightened.The next few minutes of conversation between Arthur Weasley and Vernon Dursley amused Harry greatly.The prank the twins pulled on his baby elephant-sized cousin was pretty good, too."Professor, may I see the paper with my name on it? Looking closer, he noticed that the left and bottom edges were not as straight as the top and right edges.