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Johnson Brothers drew on the English chintz tradition, popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when designing this timeless pattern.In addition to traditional place setting pieces and serving pieces available in we also offer a great selection of other pieces including unique items like the jumbo cup and saucer set, large rimmed soup bowl, mug, noodle bowl, oval platter, tea pot, coffee pot, and more.At this same time Johnson Brothers reviewed the traditional lines and had to reduce the number of patterns they produced. In 2003, Johnson Brothers products ceased to be manufactured in Britain and the process was transferred to China, sadly, which as I have said before, saw the end of an era as their is only one pottery left in England today producing transferware.

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By 1888 a third brother, Henry, joined the firm and they began production of transfer ware, which the company would become famous for.The Industrial Revolution combined with the demand for pottery not long after the Civil War, created an opportunity for Johnson Brothers to open up two new factories in Hanley close to the original factory.By the end of the decade, several of the Johnson's grandsons had also joined the firm and their tableware was exported throughout the British Empire.The 1930's came and saw the original Charles Street factory closed as new, modern technology was implemented where firing was executed by the use of electricity in the new electric tunnel kilns, rather than coal which had been used in the bottle oven kilns.I'm in one of those zones where I've got a zillion projects going on, even if half of them are just in my mind that I'm contemplating! Three of them are out and the three still at home are moving or rearranging their rooms around. Shawn's Dad gave him a book to read and listen to, which I've been doing as well.

Oh great, I just realized that I left the bread plate out of a couple of place settings. It's called Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World. Powerful enough that we're making our kids listen to or read it as well! Kalyn brought me back the ginormous pinecones from her trip to California last Summer.

Johnson Brothers gained Royal Warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother.

During the 1950's award winning designs such as Old Britain Castles and Historic America became popular (and still are) and led to the company being awarded with the Queen's Award to Industry, not once but twice, for their contributions to the British economy.

I've been dying to use these Ralph Lauren paisley patterned dinner napkins. The purchase of the factory marked the brothers first entrepreneurial venture.

I bought them mostly to go with my Rural Scenes dinnerware but when I put them next to the Friendly Village, I realized they were a perfect match! Did you know that Horchow was the first luxury mail order catalog that wasn't preceded by a brick and mortar store? The brothers worked on building a solid reputation for their white ware which they called "White Granite" (many early pieces were marked as "semi-porcelain"), a durable earthenware that had the look of fine china but was tough and chip resistant like ironstone.

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