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The dividing line between men who are desirable and have sex, and those who don’t, is often cruel and arbitrary.

In the case of Rodger, his rejections likely had something to do with his affect, which suggested to girls and women that he wasn’t right for dating, a relationship or sex.

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Here is Rodger from his manifesto, “My misery became harder and harder to bear, and none of my parents understood my plight....

My father never prepared me for facing such a cruel world. He never warned me that if I didn't attract girls at an early age, my life would fall into a misrable pit of despair.” And this after graduating from high school: “At my father’s house, we watched the movie after dinner one night.

We compiled this list to try to elevate the public conversation.1.

He’s Not White There have been many headlines like this from, As Jeff Yang writes on, “after seeing him consistently described as fitting the ‘typical mass shooter profile’ of a young, mentally disturbed white loner, I realized that both the conventional news and much of social media were making a profound and possibly important error.

Nevertheless, the media frame that Rodger’s behavior was all about hating women for a sexless life is undermined, or at least made more complicated, by these three murders.

It seems that Rodger’s overall unmitigated rage was directed at everyone he saw as enjoying things that he couldn’t—or standing in the way of his revenge-taking, as his manifesto describes (page 131).

Adults and children are already wary of “aspies” and other children on the spectrum.

They’re geeky, quiet, and don’t handle social engagement well.

I was so envious that I delighted in his death at the end...

The movie deeply effected me emotionally, and I would think about it for some time afterwards.” Of course, dysfunctional cultural messages are not an excuse for what happened. The persistence of violence against women, where most of it is done by partners, former partners, and acquaintances, almost always has to do with rejection and produces sometimes inconceivable rage often with the message: “If I can’t have you, then no one can.” It is likely that much of this violent rage comes from early trauma, with the reliving of past trauma happening in the Reptilian brain, where logical and rational thinking is often overpowered in men by a fight response, sometimes with devastating consequences. Media Speculation About Possible Aspergers Is Irresponsible.

White girls are disgusted by you, silly little Asian.” The other man then posted what he said were photos of himself with a white woman.