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I have rescued stray dogs and cats all my life but when I started my foundation it was for more than that: to rescue them, protect them, all the wild animals or pets in France and abroad.I started very small, I had to learn everything about the protection of animals – the laws, the organisation of charities, the management, and the health and safety obligations...

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I hate the food in France because they have very little that is vegetarian, I have no money, and I would rather stay at home with my animals.Then she said something that changed my mind, ‘We could find Brigitte Bardot’s house.Black women sex workers in primetime is a whole different deal representationally, though, and we need to OWN that.2.) Tyler Perry can only represent Black men positively by throwing Black women under the bus. I like to think she has been duped, hoodwinked, and bamboozled. 4.) On his best day and her worst day, Tyler ain’t even in Shonda’s stratosphere.Since dude’s plotlines are so simple a 13 year old could write them — no disrespect to 13 year olds–, there are of course 3 Black men to balance out the 3 Black women. Because of course the rich drug counselor is on the DL, which in TP’s world makes him a sexual deviant. The chick is doing her thing, and I’m proud of her. This whack-ass mashup of Deception Scandal The Help in no way compares to anything Shonda Rhimes is doing.You were invited by a family friend to model in a fashion show in 1949, then spotted by director Roger Vadim on the cover of French Elle when you were just 15.

Was your career a means to help animals, or did that idea, to use your fame, come later?

Hens, geese, ducks, 20 cats [she beats me by three] and several rescued dogs.1950 - Aged 15, she begins modelling, appearing on the cover of Elle magazine.

She is spotted by film director Roger Vadim who insists she take acting classes.

Back in the UK, I then wrote to BB’s Foundation HQ in Paris, asking for a formal interview, only to be told that she no longer meets journalists. She would, however, answer my questions if I sent them to her. BB chose the questions she wanted to answer and her brief replies appeared by fax – a precious few pages of notes in a handwritten scrawl from a legend that I am going to have framed, and will treasure for ever…I was born with a love of animals.

I didn’t have any during my childhood because we were at war and life in Paris was very difficult. I can’t stand the sound of fireworks or thunder as they remind me of the bombardment.

We returned to her house and wrapped the letter around a piece of driftwood the size of a meteorite, and lobbed it over the gate.