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Catwoman: A black body suit, black boots, and black gloves.

You can choose from the movie version's mask, Michelle Pfeiffer's tight cat suit, or go with the comic book style and tuck your hair into a hood with cat ears.7.

Lucille Bluth: Brown bobbed wig, a skirt suit, a pearl necklace AND a brooch, and an empty martini glass.11.

Dwight: A yellow shirt, tie, combed hair with a part in the middle, large round glasses, a watch, and a name tag saying "Dwight Schrute".

Carry a dragon egg (large Easter eggs painted dark green, gray, or copper.) Add subtle glitter for an ethereal effect.

Khal Drogo: Loose khaki or tan pants, a dark women's tube top around your abs, a wide belt, a toy sword, and lots of black eye makeup.

to become the belle of whatever fall ball you choose!

Scare the neighbor kids, drink too much seasonal IPAs at a local kegger, or dance with all the other ghouls and goblins to your heart’s content.It may also be a time for spiced pumpkin everything and perhaps making some poor choices (like misjudging how badly those new shoes are actually going to rub your feet raw), but your Halloween costume should NEVER be one of those bad decisions, and that, my friends, is why we’re here to help!Don’t just dress up as someone or something boring — make it really count and get you and your s.o.But you don’t want to be boring, and you certainly don’t want to be irrelevant to the times, so you’ll need a great place to start poring over Halloween costume ideas for the special someone(s) that you are your partner are going to be.Halloween is a time for fun, relaxing, partying, and generally acting a touch loopier than you do the rest of the year.Here are 50 of some of our favorite costumes that promise to capture your imagination and get all the cobweb-covered outfit ideas churning! Christian Grey: White dress shirt, grey suit and tie, and some kinky toys hanging out of your pocket or around your belt loops (a riding crop, a feather toy, etc).