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But my dishonesty made me miserable and filled my days with frustration. My strength evaporated like water on a sunny day until I finally admitted all my sins to You and stopped trying to hide them.

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You surround me with songs of victory." God has a mate for you.

Over at The Fix, Scott Clement just posted a fascinating analysis of federal sex scandals going back to 1974.

He concludes that “suffering a personal scandal cuts an officeholder’s reelection chances in half,” and surmises that this bodes poorly for Louisiana’s Rep.

Vance Mc Allister (R), currently in hot water over some on-camera shenanigans with a female staffer. But nonetheless some interesting observations do emerge.

Of course, some Muslims will once again try to deprive you of your right to think for yourselves by telling you that you have to be a master of Arabic language and such and such other Islamic sciences before you can use your own judgements about the views of the scholars, the Qur`an and the Sunnah/Hadith are completely consistent with each other so that they are to be interpreted as if they were a single source.

There can be conflicting injunctions within the Qur`an due to abrogation and similarly there can be conflicts within the Sunnah/Hadith, but not between the Qur`an and the Sunnah/Hadith.

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Finally, it’s worth noting that Democratic voters have been more forgiving of scandal than their Republican counterparts – “Democrats have been twice as likely to win their next re-election contest as Republicans, 53 to 25 percent,” according to Clement’s analysis.

Partially this is because voters hate hypocrites, and there are few things more hypocritical than a candidate who runs on family values - as Republicans have - and then cheats on his spouse.

" Don't date someone who claims to be a Christian but doesn't live it. "What I meant was that you are not to keep company with anyone who claims to be a brother Christian but indulges in sexual sins, or is greedy, or is a swindler, or worships idols, or is a drunkard, or abusive.